By Jered Cain Of The Horadrim

It was long ago that the enigmatic Arch-Angel Tyrael bestowed upon us the secrets of the mysterious Soulstones. Tyrael bequested upon our Order three of these Stones so we could contain the vile essences of the Three Prime Evils who had been let loose upon our world. Although the artifacts were constructed in realms far removed from our own, we found that they were simple to understand.

The Soulstones effect only beings that are non-corporeal and thus have no power over living, breathing creatures. When invoked, the Soulstones bring into being a strong “spiritual” vacuum. Any non physical entities caught within this vacuum are drawn into the burning recesses of the Soulstone and are forever trapped within. These spirits are released only when the Soulstone is deactivated or destroyed.

The power of the Soulstones proved to be much more difficult to employ when used against the great Prime Evils. Voraciously disposed to possessing hapless mortals, the Three Brothers found that they were immune to the effects of the Stones while occupying human souls. Sadly, we were forced to hunt down and kill the innocent victims of the Prime Evils so that their demonic essences could be subject to the effects of the Soulstones.

Mephisto and Diablo, once found, were easily lured into the Soulstones. The capture of their brother Baal, however, became complicated when the Soulstone that was to be his eternal prison was shattered and fragmented. We found that while the shards still held the power to lure the demon to them, they could not properly contain it. Tal Rasha, a fellow Initiate who has been since immortalized in Horadrim lore, theorized that a mortal of strong will might be able to contain Baal within his own mortal soul. This sacrifice meant that the essence of any mortal so chosen would be forever tortured while locked in eternal conflict with the enthralled demon. To this end, Tal Rasha volunteered to contain the raging Lord of Destruction. 

Piercing his breast with a shard of the Soulstone, Tal Rasha took within himself the essence of Baal, the Lord of Destruction. The Initiate’s body was shackled, chained and buried deep within a tomb under the desert. The sacrifice of Tal Rasha has kept Baal imprisoned for many years now, and although the demon was imprisoned without the use a whole Soulstone, we believe that our victory may be a hollow one. Should Tal Rasha ever escape, he would have the formidable powers of Baal added to his own. By ridding the world of this present Evil, we may have created a nightmare worse than that which we first sought to contain…




Soulstones were created by order of Archangel Tyrael for capture three prime evils inside them. Red one for Lord of Terror, blue for Lord of Hate, yellow for Lord of Destruction. There were given to Horadrims who captured the Devils. But it seems that  everything worked according to plan... Prime Evils intentionally give themselves enslaved in Soulstones to ride the World of Sanctuary. It turns out that the traitor was Izual, he reveal the Devils that they can use the power of Soulstones to have an influence on World Stone but only if they reside in Sanctuary world. First Devil who posses Soulstone was Mephisto, Lord of Destruction. He took control over Zakarum high priests and tarnish the place near Kurast. Mephisto probably was the one who help his brother Diablo Lord of Terror. Cause Archibishup Lazarus (the one who killed moust people in Tristram, kidnap prince Albreht, beguile King Leoric, and was so easily possesed by Diablo) was one one of hight Zakarum concil. Baal, Lord of Hate has more difficult quest. Due to atempt of his capture Soulstone was shatered. Bigest fragment could not not hold Baal soul so one of Horadrim brotherhood - Tal Rasha used his body to extend Soulstone. Baal could not escape even after possessed Tal Rasha, cause of Soulstone fragment. Tal Rasha condemn himself for eternal fight with demon. The fight didn't lost long thought. Released Diablo, reach the tomb and Marcus (who didn't realized the seriousness of the situation) took out Soulstone from Tal Rasha chest, releasing Baal. The further story told us that Diablo and Mephisto Soulstones were destroyed in Hell Forge. But we still know nothing about Baal Soulstone. However it seems that without supply from the World Stone it's useless.

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