Jay Wilson Infernal Interview

Jay Wilson Infernal Interview

IGN has just posted a new interview with Jay Wilson. Mainly about Inferno difficulty level. Watch it out here !

From more important blue quotes - items dropped on the ground will leave there for about 10 minutes. After that time they can simply disappear. So bear that in mind when transferring items or clearing you stash. Also, if you physically dropped items, those items can be picked up by any player.

Also we will not get any item details till release date. This is actually bad news for all those ppl who want to compare staff for specific classes to decide who to play first.

Boss will have Enrage Timers ! For example the Skeleton King in Inferno. If you don't kill him within four minutes he starts spawning three times the amount of skeletons.

I can't wait till release, seven days more...

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