Playable version of Diablo 3 on Gamescom


Gamescom in Cologne (Germany) starts in 17 of August and will last till 21. Blizzard confirmed, that their will be there with Diablo 3 (hall - 6.1, station B21 and C30). However we don't know what version of Diablo 3 it will be - beta or demo from last Blizzcon. It is rumored that Blizzard want to release beta soon. 1 of August is the day, that non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between Blizzard and few fan sites crew end. Those groups were invited to see Diablo3 integration with BN 2.0 but there is big chance for some interesting interviews and play the BETA of course ! There will be much new info past 1 of August. I hope that this beta version will be avaible to play at Gamescom. On the other hand Blizzard always want Blizzcon to be special, so they can wait with releasing Beta for masses to October 21-22. If they won't show Beta at Blizzcon, what will they introduce there... (first playable version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm also will be shown on Gamescom) another WoW expansion ? Maybe new MMORPG ?

We all have in mind that before beta start all game system must be revealed. So if we get game systems and BN 2.0 info past 1 of August and beta at Blizzcon, Blizzard probably won't make this game in time. They still plan to release Diablo till the end of the year. It's not a Starcraft 2 and half year of testing isn't necessary but 3 months to caught all those little bugs is fair amount of time. Blizzard loves to keep us in suspense :) I hope they will tell us what version of the game they will show on Gamescom, well they did last time, but I'm almost certain that it won't happen till 08.01


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