Gamescon Informations about Diablo 3

Gamescon Informations about Diablo 3

Some info about Diablo 3 that u may miss, some is old cause I forget to add this, sorry been bussy with site (there are few features I plan to add :) !


Legendary items at the endgame, how rare? - Jay Wilson: Rarity Well, I think it was 0.0001% drop rate.

Farming FTW :) However did Jay actualy want to say (google traslator...) that with every new legendary item equipted you chance to get another one will drop ? Adding a low chance to get the most perfect of the equipment (because the random properties of many), and we will have a grind fest :) But hey Diablo games were always have dependent on equipment. Prepare your real Bucks... just in case :)

  • Talisman and charms will probably arrive... with an expansion. It has been said few times before, so it's almost sure we won't see them with Diablo 3 launch.
  • Barbarians are the strongest characters atm. Monks are the weakest. So it's quite a opposite since BlizzCon builds. Of course everything is still adjusting when we spoke.
  • There are "tasks" and "events". Task are quest related with Sanctuary (Diablo) world story. And events are small often non related with main story quests. There will be lot of events.
  • Arenas won't give you any items besides of satisfaction of slaying you enemies. And the more you play PvP, the higher your PvP level is no matter how many fights you lose.
  • Diablo 1 Warrior is now King Leoric's eldest son, making the original game revolve somewhat around Leoric's family. All remember Lazarus killing Leoric wife who "treason" him (nice decapitation by the way).

There is a movie at with you can see some nice Blizzard artworks and... the cafeteria but with red table-cloths on the tables, with Diablo-styled candles lit on them, as well as some of Cain's left-over books, and real life elixirs/potions sitting there on the tables. Jammy...

There is also movie with Beta screenshots with some Diablo 2 music playing in background:

In-depth character details page, which included: Damage Increase, Attack per second, Casting speed, Crit hit chance, Crit hit damage, Block amount, block chance, dodge chance, damage reduction, max life, life per second, life steal, life per kill, life per hit, max resource, move speed, gold find, and magic find.

Diablo 3 will have Inferno difficulty level, more to find here:

Same movie - different angle:

Inferno info with Diablo 2 music and some Diablo 3 action on the screen:

More AH info aka - why they add real money auctions to it:

Josh Mosqueira Interview at Gamescom (few German comments):

"I think we really hope and we wish that it's done it's available before the the end of the third quarter so... some time in September. But again we are not really promising anything." We are waiting till September then :)

Next is Jay Wilson Interview with Railgun:

And again Game Director
Jay Wilson Interview with Gamespot this time:

German page
Jay Wilson Interview:

Another German page is giving us nice video with Jay Wilson:

Also JudgeHype Interviewed Jay Wilson at Gamescom 2011 and here are some important things:

"Here are a few things for you to chew on:

  • Blizzard is fully aware that the auction house based on the real money could make a lot of shade at the auction house based on gold in the game Will this mean to the point of the eclipse make it unusable?  Jay Wilson did not think so.  Such as hotels sales will be related to their area, they still concern a significant number of players (Europe for example) and just a few thousand users to make auction house based on gold really usable .
  • Over two hundred legendary items already exist in Diablo III.  I tried to find out if some mythical objects of the first Diablo would return (as Grandfather, or Dreamflange Windforce), but Jay Wilson says there are so many items in Diablo III is unable to give names ...  except Windforce, which will do well for his return.  For those unfamiliar with it, well aware that this is a single arc of Diablo.
  • There will be no challenges as they are known in StarCraft II.  It must not be diverted from the players by offering co-op mode, for example, requiring a challenge to complete the Normal mode in x minutes or something similar.  Blizzard has nevertheless tried this sort of thing during development, but it did not fit well with the style of the game all the challenges offered to players will therefore systematically through deeds.
  • By performing heroic deeds, you will get small gifts such as securities or cosmetic objects.  No advantage to increase the power of your character.  Many achievements will also be relayed through the banner.
  • Among the achievements, you will find different categories such as General or PvP.  Good news for fans of Baal and other runs, there will be achievements like "Speed ??Run"!
  • The players of Diablo II were used to perform loop areas for the sole purpose of finding objects (Pindleskin, etc.)..  This should change in Diablo III.  At launch the game, it is likely that players will take time to find places better than others.  If they are really, Blizzard will implement changes to prevent players just focus on one small part of the game In addition, it could be that the players are downright encouraged, using eg a bonus in Magic Find Players who spend their time playing in many areas.  Blizzard has several ideas about this but mostly waiting to see how players will perform once the game is released.
  • Will it be possible one day to combine spells, such as ask a wizard to set fire to a wall of zombies fetish?  Well ...  tadaaaaaaam: no.  This idea has traveled the head developer at a time but they are faced with countless combinations.  Imagine, in fact, that each class has 20 to 25 skills, what is more modifiable via the runes.  The team therefore more oriented towards the complementary skills in cooperative rather than a combination of skills from different classes.
  • If your computer is capable of running World of Warcraft or StarCraft II in detail how he should be able to run Diablo III.  Blizzard has not yet determined the minimum but should be close to that of StarCraft II.  Note in passing that Diablo III will have fewer options for changing the details of the game that his cousin RTS.  The securities are different and not particularly comparable to the subject."

OK. Now 2 VERY important things:

Diablo III is online game only ! We could heard before some info about required Internet connection but we wasn't sure about that: - not much new info here (from the interview)...

Will an Internet connection be necessary to launch the game at the first time? - Leonard Boyarsky: Yes.

But now, we know that we will need Internet connection ALL THE TIME when playing Diablo III. You can't play Diablo III without Internet connection - there is NO single player and NO LAN. Well... I know few people that won't buy Diablo 3 cause of that but I guess Blizzard thing things twice here.

There is another thing connected to it. Diablo III will NOT support any mods. Well it did not have to... some players are so dedicated that they will find a way add things they want in a moded game, even without support of Blizzard, we have heard that before. But now ALL mods are FORBIDDEN, so players who have made any are against the Blizzard rules... I didn't saw anything bad in mods. Actually when Diablo 2 was bored me to death I have downloaded few mods and play the (almost different) game just fine (in offline mode off course, cause we all know sewers don't support mods). So it was a good way to keep players play Diablo 2 and also make them back to this wonderful game when new mods or their versions were released.

At the end some Gamescon Diablo 3 gameplay movies:

Nice "This Is Sparta !!!" at the end...

Blizzard has just opened up the Diablo3 Beta Community Website - US version is available here

For now in order to post on forums section, you must have an active WoW subscription or a Starcraft II license on your account.
I get the information that all new information will be post at this site, so no new info at

As you all probably know Diablo press kit is available -



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