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This news will be updated a lot, so check out it frequently.

After 1 of August many site post their beta informations, here are the most important:

Diablo III Beta gameplay hight resolutions screens - blizzplanet

Diablo III Battle.net Interface Screenshots - blizzplanet

Diablo III Class Crests - blizzplanet + this movie:

Beta movie - rather short (7:40), presentation of all 5 class using their abilities:


Another facts:

  • We will have a Stone of Recall, which functions as an inexhaustible supply of Town Portals.
  • Cauldron of Jordan will be used to sell items instantly, while not in town.
  • Remember about 7 skills in Diablo 3 ? Well the maximum number of skills is now 6, not 7. They have also remove skill points completely ! Some skills scale up with your character’s level, others do not. And you can always use respect system. Also Traits are gone. Instead of Traits, characters now have access to passive skills...

Here are informations from Jay Wilson on this subject:

And obout the Runes:

  • Auction House will work similar to WoW one. About Real Money items selling - each account gets a few free trades to start off.

The most interesting thing about Diablo 3 - AH with RMT (real money trade - however not avaible for HC characters).

  • There will be (!) HC arenas sparring mode.  So you HC character won't die if you lose a match. There will be of course HC arena modes too - you die, if u lose a match.

And some very interesting story related info - diablo.incgamers:

The Dark Wanderer:

"The only interesting new bit of plot info given out at the event came courtesy of Chris Metzen. He revealed that they’ve done some (more) reckoning, and that the Dark Wanderer’s identity has changed. He’s now been retroactively changed from the Diablo I Warrior to King Leoric older son. Just how this works in the plot is unknown. In Diablo I, your hero killed Diablo, who was in Prince Albrecht’s body, then took the soulstone and jammed it into their own forehead. And thus became the Dark Wanderer."


We all see Diablo 3 is a step in different direction... Son we will see it's a right one.


Diablo press kit is available !



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