Jeff (Hyeong-won) Kang
Jeff (Hyeong-won) Kang - senior environmental artist.
Ray Gresko
Ray Gresko - Diablo III production director.
Micah Whipple (Bashiok)
Micah Whipple (Bashiok) - Blizzard community manager.
Mike Morhaime
Mike Morhaime - Blizzard CEO.
Bobby Kotick
Bobby Kotick - CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Activision Blizzard. Character that is not welcome by players, cause of his comments about games. This guy don't want to publish new games he just want to release never ending stream of curent popular titles (well, there is a channce of Diablo 4 come faster then :) Also games prices are to low for him... Maybe cause he earn silly 15 milions $ on his position. We can see how happy he is at the picture. This guy is "honest" enought to say what he think. His latest idea is to pay for movies with will be released with games. But we all know it's not an end to Bobby briliant ideas.
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - Diablo 3 lead designer. Jay worked for Relic Entertainment with Warhammerze 40k: Dawn of War, also as a designer. He worked with 007:Agent Under Fire (Electronic Arts) and with two parts of Caleb adventures - Blood and Blood II: The Chosen (Monolith). World of Warcraft ofcourse, under Blizzard bander - there is even character named Ja'y Nosliw :) He is British, likes green color, his mother lasagne and his favorite animal is a cat. He said in one interview that he allow his nine years old daughter play Diablo 3, great dad :)
  Blizzard Official Site - here you can find information about Blizzard latest productions.        Official Blizzard YouTub Channel - all Blizzard movies are stored here - trailers, gameplay's, intros, teasers in HD resolution with nice graphic frame. If you haven't seen some of their movies now is the time to catch up. Blizzard is known of their very detailed and thanks to that very climatic movies.       Blizzard Official Diablo 3 YouTube Channel - same as above but Diablo 3 related.       Diablo III - Blizzard Official page -  proffesional job of Blizzard employes...


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