Christian Lichtner
Christian Lichtner - Diablo 3art director , he is replacing Briana Morrisroe at this place.
Russell Brower
Russell Brower - Diablo3 main composer.
Chris Metzen
Chris Metzen - Diablo 3 story creator.
Julian Love
Julian Love - Diablo 3 lead technical artist.
Leonard Boyarsky
Leonard Boyarsky - Diablo 3 lead world designer.
Activision Blizzard
Activision Blizzard - games developer.  
Bill Roper
Bill Roper - Blizzard ex-worker. His work experience is amazing.Blizzard Entertainment (1994 - 2003)Roper served as a Vice President of Blizzard North and was a Director of Blizzard Entertainment from 1994 - 2003. He oversaw and managed all external projects, coordinated internal development teams, and headed Blizzard's project oversight teams where he was instrumental in shaping the direction of the company's games.Bill Roper worked directly on numerous million-selling games in varied producer positions and played a key role in the success of the Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo franchises. He also acted in and assisted with the direction of the voice recording for Blizzard’...
Richard A. Knaak
Richard A. Knaak- american fantasy writer. Born on May 28, 1961 in Chicago.Bibliography (source - wikipedia):Dragonlance:- Series The Legend of Huma (1988), ISBN 0-88038-548-0Kaz the Minotaur (1990), ISBN 0-88038-910-9Land of the Minotaurs (1996), ISBN 0-7869-0472-0Reavers of the Blood Sea (1999), ISBN 0-7869-1345-2The Citadel (2000), ISBN 0-7869-1683-4 - Minotaur Wars Night of Blood (2003), ISBN 0-7869-2938-3Tides of Blood (2004), ISBN 0-7869-3251-1Empire of Blood (2005), ISBN 0-7869-3733-5 - Ogre Titans The Black Talon (2007)The Fire Rose (2008)The Gargoyle King (2009)Dragonrealm:- Series Firedrake (1989), ISBN 0-445-20940-2Ice Dragon (1989), ISBN 0-445-20942-9Wolfhelm (...


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