Blizzard Official Site

Blizzard Official Site - here you can find information about Blizzard latest productions.









Official Blizzard YouTub Channel

Official Blizzard YouTub Channel - all Blizzard movies are stored here - trailers, gameplay's, intros, teasers in HD resolution with nice graphic frame. If you haven't seen some of their movies now is the time to catch up. Blizzard is known of their very detailed and thanks to that very climatic movies.








Blizzard Official Diablo 3 YouTube Channel

Blizzard Official Diablo 3 YouTube Channel - same as above but Diablo 3 related.








Diablo III - Blizzard Official page

Diablo III - Blizzard Official page -  proffesional job of Blizzard employes. Great graphic but rarery updated. Diablo 3 News, many game screens, artworks, and nicely described rich Diablo III world. Very climatic flash animations and music. Must see!





 2.0 - EU version 2.0 - EU -  do i need to add something more ? Just register and play their games ! One login to all Blizzard games. Many interesting options, various statistics, and easy contact with your friends.









Starcraft II - Officialna site

Starcraft II - Officialna site -  like Diablo 3 page great graphic. Some news, nice screens, artworks and info about Starcraft game (units, history, etc.).









World of Warcraft - Official page - EU version

World of Warcraft - Official page - EU -  wow news, trailers, screens, movies from game and forum. Just one word - check US forum also cause many good topics and post about the games is created on US version.






 - very nice and busy with info Diablo 3 page. Great Diablo 3 sorce with many good and skilled players there. - another great place where you can find Diablo 3 related news. Thy have very good relation with Blizzard (cause they give domain to Blizzard). 2.0 - US -  same 2.0 but for USA citizens.



World of Warcraft - Oficjalna page - US -  WoW for USA gamers. Everything like the US version but... I think a little bit more fresh news are here - specialy at the forum. Beyond this we got trailers, screens, movies and nicely written beginers info.



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