King Leoric

King Leoric

There is very interesting story related to this monster. He is know also as Skeleton King or Black King. We will meet Leoric very quick. In 1 act when passing throught Tomb we meet his ghoust, wich say that we are not welcome here. Next meeting is inside a very climatic place - the throne room. Big room with red carpet and pairs of stairs leding to great throne with big skeleton siting inside it. After a few moments spending there, King Leoric ghost is returning to his skeleton "body" and a great fight is taking place between player and Fallen King. Leoric must have been big men cause his skeleton is almoust twice as big as a player. He is very strong but on the other hand very slowly. Anyway he is a King, so expect his retinue quickly folow their master. Thanks to that - leeching Health Globes from them, the player has a chance in this uneven fight. Blizzard added some depth to this story and when wenturing inside Tomb we can see some cut scenes with Leoric wife and Lazarus. Also you can be sure that there is more then one quest, besides kiling the king ("The Black King").

"Welcome" of King Leoric:

King Leoric Welcome

Range characters have the easiest. Simply shoot and run, shoot and run is going to work here. Just don't get tangled with his minions. Mele fighters... well it's basicaly the same but King Leoric weapon range is big however his deadly strikes are slowly, so you have time to move around (if you aren't tangled with his servants). We run when he is taking a swing, cause his hits are devastating and counter atack asap. In this fight the midlle range area efect abilities are very usefull becouse you atack king and his minions and they are wee. If something goes wrong like taking a hit u can simply kill weakened minions and take health globe.

Skeleton King Throne:

Skeleton King Throne

Leoric arrive to Khanduras and with help of the knights and prists of Zakarum he become a king. People loved him - he was wise and righteous. He settle his castle in Tristram town. But in this town, there was another great structure - Horadrim cathedral... Three people were close to Leoric - Lazarus- his advisor, who was also Archbishup, Albreht his son and Lachdananan - Order of Light leader. As it turns out the place he took, and the people he was surroud, doomed him and the Sanctuary world were covered in blood, darkness and terror. Terror, cause Diablo - Lord of Terror was enslaved in ancient Catedral. The Soulstone the devil was imprisoned inside, occur to be fragile enought to let posses Lazarus and completly took contol over him by soul of Diablo. Loeric was strong. Strong enought to resist Diablo control, but the visions and power of Diablo spirit drive him to madnes. When fighting with trying to posses him spiryt of Diablo he was delude by another servant of Diablo, King Leoric friend (as he thought) Lazarus. Leoric turn against his own people, killed everyone who opposed him. Leoric’s madness was growing more obvious with each passing day. The paranoid King declared a state of war between the kingdoms of Khanduras and Westmarch. Another blow was missing of his son Albreht - abducted by Lazarus. Lachdananan was the one who ended rules of the Black as people said now, King. Lachdanan ran his blade through Leoric’s shriveled, blackened heart. Leoric in his last breath condemned Lachdanan and the others to eternal damnation. In the first part of Diablo we can meet him in level of Hell where he told his story and please player for help.

We all know the rest of the story. Unknown hero kill corporal Diablo, with took control over Albreht and uses his body. Wanted to definitively end this evil he took Diablo Soulstone and moved to the east... But even him could not resist the Lord of Terror...

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