Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - Diablo 3 lead designer. Jay worked for Relic Entertainment with Warhammerze 40k: Dawn of War, also as a designer. He worked with 007:Agent Under Fire (Electronic Arts) and with two parts of Caleb adventures - Blood and Blood II: The Chosen (Monolith). World of Warcraft ofcourse, under Blizzard bander - there is even character named Ja'y Nosliw :) He is British, likes green color, his mother lasagne and his favorite animal is a cat. He said in one interview that he allow his nine years old daughter play Diablo 3, great dad :)
Jeff (Hyeong-won) Kang
Jeff (Hyeong-won) Kang - senior environmental artist.
Julian Love
Julian Love - Diablo 3 lead technical artist.
King Leoric
There is very interesting story related to this monster. He is know also as Skeleton King or Black King. We will meet Leoric very quick. In 1 act when passing throught Tomb we meet his ghoust, wich say that we are not welcome here. Next meeting is inside a very climatic place - the throne room. Big room with red carpet and pairs of stairs leding to great throne with big skeleton siting inside it. After a few moments spending there, King Leoric ghost is returning to his skeleton "body" and a great fight is taking place between player and Fallen King. Leoric must have been big men cause his skeleton is almoust twice as big as a player. He is...
Leonard Boyarsky
Leonard Boyarsky - Diablo 3 lead world designer.
  Blizzard Official Site - here you can find information about Blizzard latest productions.        Official Blizzard YouTub Channel - all Blizzard movies are stored here - trailers, gameplay's, intros, teasers in HD resolution with nice graphic frame. If you haven't seen some of their movies now is the time to catch up. Blizzard is known of their very detailed and thanks to that very climatic movies.       Blizzard Official Diablo 3 YouTube Channel - same as above but Diablo 3 related.       Diablo III - Blizzard Official page -  proffesional job of Blizzard employes...
Micah Whipple (Bashiok)
Micah Whipple (Bashiok) - Blizzard community manager.
Mike Morhaime
Mike Morhaime - Blizzard CEO.


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