Diablo 3 - Act 3 reveled !

Diablo 3 - Act 3

There are some new screenshots from PC Gamer that presents Act 3 in Diablo 3 ! They are definitely wort to see and if you have some free time the article is very good to read - no new info thought. On screens we can see some cool monsters and higher level abilities. I wonder what else we will see in Act 3, there will be few unique bosses for this location thats for sure, but some monsters can be borrow to other acts (like fallens showed in Act 1) so we don't know much at the moment - nothing specific for this act (well it's snowy). Unique quests, bosses and locations will be reveled leater - lets hope for something new before game realease. You can watch all Act 3 pictures bellow but don't forget to check our gallery page !

  Act 3 Bastion Keep - pic3   Act 3 Bastion Keep - pic2   Act 3 Bastion Keep - pic1

What do you think about Act 3 ? It's looks like Arreat Summit in Diablo 2...


I don't know why but it's not looking so epic.


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