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Here's a video showing Diablo 3 with a darker color scheme. It works as a direct3d post processing filter, making the game look sharper, have less saturation, add a slight bit of a (silver) sepia tone, slightly lowered exposure, slightly raised gamma.

What you are about to download is a Direct3D hooking filter. It is a DLL file and some shader filter files that you place in the game's install directory. I'm not 100% sure if something like this is allowed by Blizzard or whether they count it as a "hack or cheat". So use it at your own risk, even though I've used a filter similar like this for WoW for a year.

1. Download one of these zip files:
(with sharpening):

(no sharpening):

(no darker colors and only sharpening effect):

2. Extract the contents into the root directory of your Diablo 3 install.

3. Start the game and turn off/on the effect using the Pause key on your keyboard.

Credit: I take no credit for the actual coding and creation of the DLL file and shader filters, I based this on this mod for skyrim.
The only thing I did was tweak the filter settings to match what you see in the video.

Tweak it yourself - If you know a little bit of coding and syntax you can open up the file injFX_Settings.h in notepad and edit the filter values yourself.

Thanks goes to Pyloneer.

I must say that I'm going to definitely try it ! For me it looks more Diablo. I hope Blizzard don't have anything against it. You can compare above Diablo 3 gameplay movie to Diablo 1 gameplay below.



Great news! I think it looks MUCH more Diablo. This is simply amazing. Lets hope Blizzard will have nothing against it!

wow this is amazing! I can't believe i haven't seen it before! The game looks much more like old good Diablo! I'm 100% sure I will use those settings.

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